Jett Nerf Patch Notes

Jett Nerf Patch Notes. Almost every part of his kit is receiving a nerf with the upcoming patch 5.03, based on the 5.03 pbe patch notes. This varied backdrop will surely produce some interesting dynamics.

Jett Nerf Patch Notes
Valorant Cypher nerf in patch 1.11 from

After a delay, valorant patch 5.03 is going to release today, 9th august, and will bring agents and balance changes. The nerf was confirmed by a dev back on 20th july on reddit. [aug 19, 2022] valorant 5.04 pbe patch notes + bug megathread.

Valorant Patch 5.03 Was Supposed To Release In July, But It Was Postponed By Riot Games So That Their Engineers Could Get Sufficient Time To Upgrade The Game Engine.

The astra nerf everyone has been asking for is finally here. The patch notes in full can be found below. Pro players have been vocal about how astra ruins the game with her oppressive utility.

This Agent Has Been Causing Issues For Many Players Due To.

So, let's take a look at the details of the 5.03 patch notes tested in the pbe. Bladestorm (x) leg shot multiplier reduced 1.0. The summarised chamber nerfs are as follows:

Patch Valorant Akan Diluncurkan Pada Hari Ini (10/02/2022), Sebelumnya Riot Games Telah Memundurkan Jadwal Tersebut Yang Seharusnya Di Bulan Juli Kemarin Menjadi Agustus.

This levels the playing field for controller agents, where none are. The patch will see valorant’s engine being updated. Updated valorant news, guides, leaks, and everything in between for your entertainment and enjoyment.

She Runs Circles Around Every Skirmish, Cutting Enemies Before They Even Know What Hit Them.

Kit won’t be strong as before but all the changes simultaneously will have a higher impact than the actual individual nerf, plus riot exaggerates with the nerfs. This varied backdrop will surely produce some interesting dynamics. Riot has been testing all of these changes in the pbe itself.

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Jett has also received one regional damage multiplier reduced: All of his four abilities are undergoing changes that will have a massive impact on his pick rate. A shadow organisation named the valorant protocol is formed in response to first light, pulling together agents, including radiants, and other individuals equipped with radiant technology.

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