What Is Good Against Genesect

What Is Good Against Genesect. Both are resisted by both mega charizards as well as most fire types so they should be. Fire spin and heat wave.

What Is Good Against Genesect
Heatran with Flamethrower has the 2nd highest TDO after Reshiram . From Gamepress DPS / TDO from www.reddit.com

Some mythicals, like genesect, darkrai, and deoxys ; The moveset that worries us is rock smash and earthquake, mostly because it’s relatively good against fire and can lead to increased revive/potion spending; Ice punch is good against drayden and iris' dragons as well as taking care of it's flying weakness.

Genesect And The Legend Awakened;

Psychic does damage and has a 33.2% chance of lowering the target's special by one stage. Psychic can be used as the first move of a pokémon contest combination, causing confusion, future sight, kinesis, and teleport to score double the normal. Genesect's signature move, techno blast, can change typings based on the drive installed into genesect.

Genesect Is A Bug/Steel Pokemon With High Offensive Stats, Relatively Poor Bulk, And A Spammy Moveset.

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Some mythicals, like genesect, darkrai, and deoxys ; Static and discharge work together to give you a very good chance of paralyzing other pokemon (on a. Diancie & the cocoon of destruction;

The Moveset That Worries Us Is Rock Smash And Earthquake, Mostly Because It’s Relatively Good Against Fire And Can Lead To Increased Revive/Potion Spending;

Genesect also gets points for its great design, being based on an ancient pokémon that lived 300 million years ago. Items, abilities, natures and evs.some detail, including the intended game mode for your set, is also appreciated. Genesect's revival is no exception, but if we flick ethics out of the window, we can appreciate that plasma brought back an amazing pokemon.

You Want To Use Super Effective Moves To Do The Most Damage.

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